Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0

Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0
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What Is Auto-Ship?

Save more by selecting a (recurring) auto-ship during the checkout process!

Simply choose a time interval that suits you best and we will automatically ship your supply, as well as give you an extra 15% discount off of your total order.

Auto-ship ensures that you will never run out... PLUS... you save money! You can cancel your auto-ship order at any time!

Click here to find out more about auto-ship options OR how to "customize" auto-ship time-frames to suit YOUR situation.

Volume Discounts Available, Too!

Volume pricing is available when you order multiple jars. (See pricing below.)

PLUS ... if you choose an auto-ship option during the checkout process, you STILL get the extra 15% auto-shipping discount off of your total order.



Save Your Heart, Inc. no longer sells the Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 (BTT 2.0) directly to its customers. The BTT 2.0 is a Youngevity product. Ray is a distributor for Youngevity (he gets 3% of the sale).


You can purchase the BTT 2.0 in two ways. 1) Call Krista Anderson at 801-471-9258 and give her Ray Ellis’s Distributor Number (101422318). Have her sign you up as a Brand Associate (no cost to you) so you can buy at the Wholesale Price.


And while you’re at it, ask her to send you a Youngevity Product Catalog. They have a great variety of quality products including supplements (for kids and pets too), essential oils, coffee, organic foods and beverages, personal care products, fashion and jewelry. Or, 2) You can go online and order from

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