Reduce Plaque Build-Up, Get Rid of Angina Pain, Lower Blood Pressure and More! See What Our Customers Are Saying About The Pauling Formula

The Pauling Therapy has proven to be effective in the reduction or elimination of angina pains, reduction in blockages, increased an improved blood flow to the heart, lowering blood pressure, lowering high cholesterol levels, increasing energy and so much more.

Here are what some of customers are saying about The Pauling Formula: Essentials Therapy:

J. M.

“Thank you so much. I really love the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula and tell everyone about it.  I have also informed my Doctor and he just said, ‘Oh, your heart must have formed a natural by-pass.’  He wouldn’t even read the literature.  Too bad for him (and his patients)!”

K. M.

Jacksonville, Florida

Before the Pauling Therapy: High Lp(a)

After the Pauling Therapy: Lp(a) down to 15

“I’m cutting back to 2 scoops per day.  Continue to feel great!”


Before PT: Angiogram shows multiple blockages in coronary arteries

After PT: Angiogram shows no progression of blocks

“I have been taking Dr. Pauling’s therapy for 5 years since I was diagnosed having heart disease. Feeling Great. Credit must be given to the Pauling Therapy.”

Gordon Paulson

Before: Blood pressure 125/82

After: Blood pressure 110/65.

“I have not done anything different, but take the Pauling Therapy. It has worked and I feel fantastic. I just wish more people could learn of this miraculous cure for cardiovascular disease.”

F. M.

“I started slow and built up to three scoops a day.  What a difference a week makes.  I can actually feel it working.  The third day I was starting to feel better.  Today I ground a load of feed without many of the symptoms.  I have a way to go, but this is the right track.  My tolerance is ok.”


Before: Cholesterol 237

After: Cholesterol 202

“I attribute the drop in cholesterol solely to the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula.”

Bob Francis
Long Valley, New Jersey

Before: Angina pain.  Doctor recommending triple bypass surgery.

After: Avoided surgery.  Angina pain gone.  Walking an hour a day.

“I have been on the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula for one year.  I have no angina at all and walk an hour a day.”


Rajaendra Ramkissoon

New York


Before: Blood pressure 160/110.  High cholesterol.  Taking Procardia (60 mg) and Altrace (10 mg).

After: Blood pressure 125/84.  Cholesterol levels down.  Taking Altrace only.

“Excellent therapy!  The Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula has really helped me.  God bless u my friends to share with the population such a wonderful alternative that really, really works.  Great STUFF!”


Eli Raber

Blackville, SC

Before: Daily angina pain.

After: Angina pain eliminated.

“After about a week and a half I noticed I did not have any more angina pain.  Praise the Lord!  I feel like a different person.  I forget that I ever had heart problems.  I am convinced the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula saves lives.”


Eduardo Fernandez Perez
Madrid, Spain

Before: High Cholesterol.  High blood pressure.

After:  Spectacular fall in cholesterol.  Reduction in blood pressure.  General improvement in health.  Feeling better.

“I have been a good Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula customer for three years now.  This product has made me feel better, and given me a general improvement of my health.”


Marisa Kennedy

Before: 70% blockage of carotid artery.  Doctor recommending surgery.

After: Blockage reduced to 30% (40% decrease). Surgery cancelled.

“The Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula is working wonderfully for me. This is good stuff! I don’t use the word love loosely, but YOU have a special place in my heart. You were out there with information and a product that helped save my life.”


Mr. Haney

Before: Nightly angina pain.

After: Angina pain eliminated.

Mrs. Haney reports, “He has not had one chest pain since he began using your product!  I am using it too and the sense of well-being I feel is unbelievable.  You ought to sell this as an anti-depressant, not just a heart-healthy drink!”


John & Ruby Wenskus
Deltona, Florida

Before: 3 bypass surgeries.  Closing arteries.  Doctor recommending brachatherapy.

After: Arteries opened.  Brachatherapy not needed.

“After being on the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula for 1 month, the blockage was gone and the doctor backed out of the brachatherapy.  She has been on the formula for 15 months now (1 jar).  Bottom line: This stuff WORKS!!”


Burt Hartmann
Grand Junction, Colorado

Before: Heart attack.  Angina pain.  No energy.  Depression.

After:  “No more chest pains!”  More energy.  Depression gone.

“In February I suffered a mild heart attack. I feel much better now and have no more chest pains!  The good effect was

apparent to me in two weeks. I have more energy, depression is gone and I feel like living. Thank you Linus Pauling! I

have been taking the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula since March 2008. I only wish I would have known the

treatment sooner. Feeling good.”


Paul DeFerrari

Atlanta, Georgia

Before: Abnormal EKG

After: Completely normal EKG

“Can’t begin to tell you how great I feel! From last year a 360 turnaround. I am also back working out: treadmill for 20 minutes, stair stepper for 20 minutes, then some weight lifting for another 20.  A year ago this would have been impossible. Heck, 4 months ago this would have been impossible!!! I am most pleased and grateful.”


John Javilk

“My father was going down fast about a year after a bypass, when the bottom vessels of the heart started clogging up.  With two Nitro patches plus oral nitro, he was barely able to shuffle in the hospital for cardiac rehab evaluation.  On suggestion by Dr. Cathcart that he look at your website, he started taking the Pauline Therapy Essentials Formula.  In two weeks, he WALKED in, almost a new man.  Some two years later, he took the stress test again, and beat the hospital records.  Several other doctors are now taking it themselves, but only one has recommended it to his patients.  That doctor reported to my father that he had seen another patient barely able to shuffle in, and turned his condition around simply by suggesting that he try the formula.  So far 5 people, that I know, have tried it and have had very good results.”

Dr. Jon Cat (MD)

Before: 70% blockage in carotid arteries.

After: 50% blockage in carotid arteries (20% reduction).

“Since the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula worked for me, I am now using it with my heart patients and am getting excellent results, usually within 2 to 3 months.  They range from apparent miracles to the more frequently mentioned, ‘I have less, or no, chest pain/tightness (angina), when I exercise, after taking it for two months.’  If you are a smoker, have heart disease, or a genetic predisposition for same, I urge you to give this formula a go. This therapy is catching on rapidly here in the Domincan Repubic.”


Bill Cook

Before: Total Cholesterol 242.  LDL Cholesterol 163.

Doctor’s Comments Before: “There’s no proof that nutritional supplements can lower cholesterol or help with heart disease. You need to be taking a statin drug.”

After: Total Cholesterol 163.  LDL Cholesterol 101.

Doctor’s Comments After: “This is remarkable!  I’ve never seen such a drop in the numbers.  If cardiologists knew this, they would be recommending the Essentials Formula to all their patients.”


Robie Scott
Austin, Texas

“I have recommended the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula to my friends, one of whom (C. W. S.) has suffered from congestive heart failure for years.  He has experienced nothing short of a miracle.  After having a thorough examination, his heart specialist informed him that his heart was being healed and asked him what he was doing.  My friend left the video and pamphlet including Dr. Pauling’s formula with his doctor.  When I saw my friend later he shared his experience with me and he appeared to be the robust, healthy person he was years earlier.  His depression was no longer evident and his positive outlook was inspiring.  Also, when his wife saw me she ran to me and with a big smile and hug said, ‘thanks for saving my husband’s life!’  That’s quite a reward for just recommending a product to a friend.”


Mr. P. K.

Before: 95% blockage in one artery. 70% blockage in another. Stent. Angioplasty. Chest pain every day. Nausea. Lightheadedness (with or without heat or exertion). “Countless medications causing every side effect imaginable.”

After: Chest pain, nausea and lightheadedness eliminated.  Off all medications.

Mrs. P. K. writes: “Yesterday, it was 100 degrees here and he called me from work to say he felt like a million bucks! I believe you have saved his life and I thank you on behalf of myself and our three sons (ages 5, 11 and 17) for keeping him with us for what I believe will be a very long time. A LIFE SAVER!! THANK GOD I FOUND YOUR WEBSITE!!!”


Mark Dillard

Salisbury, North Carolina

“I have been using the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula for one week last night.  I started feeling the effects after 2 days.  I’ve got to tell you that I have more energy than I have had in a long time.  It’s kind of hard to explain the exact feeling.  It is a feeling of euphoria.  I’ve always lifted weights and either ran or done some other “cardio” exercise for a long time.  Up until I started this product I would get home about 5:30 and not have a lot of energy to do either.  Now I feel like I could just keep going.  I’ve tried vitamins, Trivita, juice plus, etc. and nothing has given me the energy like this.  You should sell this formula as an energy supplement as well as for your heart.  I plan on getting on the autoship plan today.  How can this combination of product make you feel so good?”


Ralph Schrank


Before: 17 years of angina pain.  High cholesterol

After: Angina pain eliminated.  100 point drop in cholesterol.

March: “I am age 58.  At age 42 I had a triple by-pass after my Left-Anterior Descending Coronary Artery was found to be 100% blocked.  I started the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula a couple of months ago. So far my cholesterol has dropped 100 points.”

Sept.: “The Pauling powder (as I like to refer to it) continues to amaze me.  As an 18 year veteran of bypass surgery I confound my doctor with my health.  No chest pains whatsoever when using the powder regularly!”

Gary J. Rehs

Before: 4 heart attacks. 3 angioplasties. Double bypass surgery. Clogged bypasses. 3 stents. Stents blocked. Roto Rooter on stents. Severe angina pain. Chelesterol 300. Triglycerides 245. High Lp(a). Blood pressure 170/95. Medicines:
nitroblycerine, beta-blockers, blood pressure, diuretics, cholesterol and triglyceride lowering drugs.

After: Angina pain eliminated. Cholesterol down to 245. Triglycerides down to 176. Lp(a) down to 10. Blood pressure down to 142/82. Taking no heart medicine.

“I am free of chest pains.  I’m still mending and improving every day.  With GOD’S and Pauline Therapy Essential Formula’s help, I’m going to make it!  I’m proud to be part of the Save Your Heart Family and to Dr. Linus Pauling (if you’re looking down) a big ‘Thank You'”!

Leslie Kentfield
Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

Thank you, Ray. In January an Angiogram showed that I had a 90% stenosis of my LAD Pulmonary Artery, and 60% stenosis of the Circumflex Artery. My Cardiologist stated that I should have a Stent and take Statins. I declined. I have been taking Linus Pauling Therapy [Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula] for 3 years now. So recently I asked my Doctor to refer me to a Radiology unit for a Carotid Artery Intima Media Sonography Scan. The scan showed that I had ‘no noticeable stenosis.’ I can now walk uphill with no tightening of the chest or breathlessness, which was the only symptom I ever had. Not bad, considering that the Cardiologist said that nothing that I could do for myself would resolve my cardiac issue! Thank you, Ray, for offering such a fine, life-saving product.

Mike Culbert

Before: Very abnormal EKG.  Congestive heart failure (closing heart valve).  Surgery.  Taking 12 medications.

After: Perfectly normal EKG. Taking 2 medications.

“Doctors, both orthodox and alternative, were amazed that my recovery did not take the planned three to four months but was essentially in place in three weeks.  I have to attribute this to antioxidants and the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula. I had an immediate, direct and palpable response to adding the PTEF to my program.  I’m sure the formula has played a key role in my ongoing dramatic recovery.”

Note: Mr. Culbert is the founder of the International Council for Health Freedom and publisher of the International Council for Health Freedom Newsletter.  These comments were originally published in his newsletter, Vol VII, No. 2 , Fall 2003, pg 7.


R. M.


Before: Can barely walk.  Doctor recommending angioplasty.

After: Walking 2 miles almost every night.

Aug: “I am starting to feel real good and am beginning to be able to do things that someone in good health at my age (55) ought to be able to do (like mowing my front and back lawn without taking long breaks in Florida heat and humidity). Thank you for the good medicine.”

March: “Since taking the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula I have been a busy person.  Just last week I dug a hole excavating back from a retaining wall that was slipping due to water run-off.  I had a pile of dirt over waist high to show for my afternoons work!  I also dug a trench back to a point on stable ground where I poured a reinforced concrete piling to which I attached a chain to hold braces on the realigned retaining wall. Know what?  The work was fun!  I felt like my arms and legs could be used as tools again!!! 🙂  Thank you again.”


Steven DiStefano
Aberdeen, NJ

Just thought you would like to know. Last year my Carotid Artery Sonogram showed low amounts of plaque buildup in right and left side arteries. After taking the Pauling Therapy for about six months, the right side showed normal blood flow and minimal plaque which is an improvement and the left side showed low amount; the same but not worse.

[After 3 more months on the PT]

Thought you would like to know. Since starting on the Pauling Therapy product about 9 months ago, my LP(a) went from 15 to 7.8 now. That’s a reduction of 48%. Also, as I reported earlier my right side carotid artery previously showed mild plaque, now shows normal in my last sonogram. I will keep taking the PT to clear up the left side. All good news! My hope is that you can get the good news out to 1000′s of people who don’t know of this product. Thank you.


Carol Smith

Longview, WA

Before: 90% blockage of left main coronary artery.  Two heart attacks.  Balloon and Roto-Rooter angioplasty.  Angina pain.  Lack of energy.  Doctor says, “Get your affairs in order.”

After: Angina eliminated.  More energy.  “Feeling great.”

After stopping the Pauling Therapy for 9 months: Had 3rd heart attack.  Abnormal beating of left ventricle.  Angina pain.  Lack of energy.  High Cholesterol.  High Lp(a).  Using nitro patches and oxygen.  Doctor recommending stent.

After Restarting: Left ventricle beating normally.  Angina eliminated.  Energy regained (walking 1-2 miles per day).  Cholesterol down to 159.  Lp(a) down to 10.  No more nitro or oxygen.  Amazed doctor reports no evidence of any heart damage.

“I feel so good that even the memory of the heart attacks and chest pains have vanished.  The Pauling Therapy really works!!!!!  I will never, ever stop using it again.  Your recommendations and the formula have saved my life.”


Dan Winter

I must report to you our success in using the Pauling Therapy. Last fall my wife had total hip replacement surgery and as part of a rigorous preoperation physical exam Kaiser performed an ultrasound scan of her external carotid arteries. Well, the result was that her right artery was about 40% blocked and the left one was about 90% blocked. Needless-to-say we started her on the Pauling Therapy right away. But she took the therapy in a hit or miss fashion (maybe 2 – 3 times a week). Two weeks ago she had a six month follow-up on the ultrasound. Guess what?! The right artery blockage was mostly gone and there was significant improvement in the left artery. The doctors congratulated her on this improvement and encouraged her to continue taking her prescribed statin drug and her high blood pressure meds! We told them we are using the Pauling Therapy but they seemed to ignore this.

Now, as of 2 weeks ago, I’ve started using the Pauling Therapy myself. I’ve had a slow, progressive problem with Erectile Dysfunction for 2-3 years now. Already I’ve noticed benefits from the therapy. I’m a rod man on a survey crew and I notice I can walk more briskly now. You are to be congratulated on providing a life saving / life improving product to the public.

Jeffrey Fenlason

Salisbury, North Carolina

Before: Quadruple bypass.  Angina pain.  Daily time release nitro.  Heart attack.  Bypasses blocked.  Lack of energy.  Depression.  Medications: 50 mg Toprol XL, 60 gr Isosorbide ER, 50 mg Altace and 40 mg Lipitor.

After: Angina pain eliminated.  Energy regained.  Taking no heart medications.  Joint pain in hips eliminated.

July: “Within two days of taking the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula I felt like a new man.  My friends started saying things like, ‘WOW you look great’ and ‘Man I haven’t seen you this active in months.’  It has only been 12 days since I started and I DO NOT HAVE ANY CHEST PAIN.”

July: “This has been one fantastic day!  I mowed the grass.  About 2 acres.  It felt really good to be out in the yard working.  Three weeks ago I couldn’t walk to the barn and back.  This is really unbelievable for less than a month.  Went fishing with the wife and really enjoyed the walk to and from our fishing spot.  During our catfish dinner we talked about how great it was to be able to do things together again.  Then we did what any healthy married couple does.  Sorry, I felt this was important or I wouldn’t have mentioned it.  As I said WHAT A DAY!”

Aug.: “It has been just over 7 weeks since I started on the Pauling Therapy.  I am in great health for a man who had a heart attack less than two months ago.  Since my last posting I have painted our house.  I did a lot of climbing, scraping and painting in hot temperatures.  NEVER, NOT ONCE DID I HAVE ANY CHEST PAIN.”

April: “I helped my daughter and her husband move from Sioux City, Iowa to North Carolina.  During the move I was packing, hauling and loading.  I drove out to Iowa and back myself and I felt great.  I am more active than I have been in years and I have no chest pain at all.  I know that the blockages in my arteries have cleared.  I am in better shape than I have been in 11 years and I am getting better every day.  I eat whatever I want.  Who would have believed vitamins can do this!?  I can only thank God that I gave the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula a try!  THANK GOD FOR LINUS PAULING !!!”