Why Free Shipping?

2 Reasons:

1) We have gotten a lot of requests for a free shipping program from our customers, and

2) Because almost everyone else is offering free shipping.

Research shows that “Free Shipping” Banners on websites can increase sales dramatically.  Most website owners and their webmasters know this and are switching over to “Free Shipping.”

Here’s what happens when a website does NOT offer “Free Shipping:”

The customer chooses a product, goes to the shopping cart to check out and notices the shipping cost.  He then thinks, “I wonder if I can find this item on a website that offers free shipping?”  She then backs out, puts the name of the product into a search engine and surfs for a better deal. 

This won’t work with the Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula because only we and our affiliates sell it.  You can’t find it anyplace else.  But our potential customer doesn’t know that and is likely to waste a good deal of his time on a futile search and may never come back and place an order.  If we were selling shoes, this would not be a great tragedy.  But many of our customers call our product “Life Saving.” 

So we have incorporated FREE SHIPPING and added free shipping banners all over our website in order to prevent potential customers from wasting their time and possibly not doing something that could potentially be life-saving. 

Additionally: You can save 16% if you put yourself on autoship.  Also remember that autoships can be placed on hold for any length of time (or indefinitely). 

We have also installed a quantity jar discount:

Order 2 jars and save 4%

Order 3 jars and save 6%

Order 4 jars and save 8%

Order 5 jars and save 10%

Order 6 jars and save 12%


The jars have a shelf life of 2 years without refrigeration.  If kept in the fridge or freezer they will last indefinitely.