Money-Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee
The Pauling Therapy works - it's as simple as that.
That's why we do not hesitate to offer you a money-back guarantee. We would like you to use the Pauling Therapy as directed for at least 180 consecutive days. It may take that long (or longer) to see or feel results.
However, if you feel that the formula has not helped you after using it for 180 days, we will cheerfully refund the money you have spent (6 jars maximum). One jar lasts for 30 or 31 days when used as directed.
Along with your first order we will send you an 8-page document entitled, "How Do I Know The Pauling Therapy Is Working? And How Long Will It Take?" This essay details what numbers you need to track in order to tell if The Pauling Therapy is working for you.
We know that you will not be disappointed in the results you obtain from The Pauling Therapy. We look forward to hearing how this amazing product has worked for you.
We wish you the best of health!