How Does Zona Plus Work?

Zona PLUS(TM) is a handheld, computer controlled device, which lowers your blood pressure thru a patented and clinically proven isometric protocol. The program takes just 12 minutes a day, 5 days a week to help reduce high blood pressure.

Natural Healing

Research has identified three ways that Zona PLUSTM Exercise reduces blood pressure:

The exercise is simple and easy to use. Simply press the “On” button, and the Zona PLUSTMHandgrip display guides you through the 12-minute exercise session.

  1. First, you squeeze as hard as you can for 5 seconds with your right hand, then with your left, each followed by 10 seconds of rest. These pressures are recorded as your maximum voluntary contractions (MVC). The microprocessor calculates 30% of your MVCs; this has been determined to be the exertion level that delivers the best results and is the pressure you apply for the 2-minute exercise sessions.
  2. After a 30-second rest period, you are directed through four 2-minute sessions, two with each hand, separated by 1-minute rest periods. You will squeeze just enough to display “Hold” in the window. If you squeeze too much or too little, you hear a tone and the display tells you to squeeze less or more. This is how the Zona PLUS Handgrip regulates your exertion at the optimum level.
  3. When the exercise routine is complete, the handgrip displays a score based on how well you maintained the prescribed pressure.

All of this is done naturally and without drugs.

Furthermore, as research progresses with Zona PLUS(TM), more components to it’s effectiveness are being discovered. Stay tuned…