Beetroot Helps Lower Blood Pressure Says UK Study

In a recent UK study it has been found that beetroot is good for heart health. Apparently this deep-colored vegetable, which contains protein, powerful antioxidants and soluble fiber, lowers blood pressure. Drinking a glass of its juice a day provides this heart-friendly benefit, while eating the vegetable is great as well.

The study, published in American Heart Association journal, Hypertension, tested 15 people who were given either 250 ml of beetroot juice or water, with those drinking the juice showing a drop in blood pressure even after 24 hours.
The effect is down to beetroot’s high level of nitrates, said Caryn Zinn, dietitian and NZ Nutrition Foundation sports nutrition committee member. Beetroot also has benefits for sports people, Dr. Zinn said, as other recent studies have shown it helps improve stamina by reducing the oxygen cost of exercise.
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