Energy Drinks Good for the Heart According to Study

If you love quenching your thirst with energy drinks after a good heart-pumping workout, than you’re on the right track to optimum hear health. Contrary to the common belief that this sugary caffeinated drink causes more bad than good, a study by Dr. Matteo Cameli of the University of Siena on the effects of energy drinks has shown that they improve myocardial function of the heart.

Researchers had 35 male participants, age 25, drink some of an energy drink that contains caffeine and taurine. Blood pressure, heart rate, and left and right ventricular function were measured before and after. Interestingly, both left and right ventricular function improved after the energy drink was imbibed. Dr. Cameli noted that the above results show that the energy drinks improved contraction of both the left and right ventricles, thus “delivering a positive effect on myocardial function.”
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