Fruits That Help Lower Young Women’s Risk of Heart Disease

Food that is rich in nutrients known as flavonoids help in protecting the heart and keeping off hypertension. Nutrition researchers have known this as a fact for some time now. The challenge, though, is in pointing out exactly which type of foods is most beneficial.

There is a new study, however, that might just indicate the foods that provide the most benefits for the heart. The study is by the Harvard School of Public Health and is published in the journal Circulation which states that consuming at least three servings of blue, purple, or red fruits (apples, grapes, and different kinds of berries) that are said to be rich in the flavonoid anthocyanin a week can decrease the risk of heart attack on younger women by about 32 percent.

The women were aged 24 to 42, reported their consumption on dietary surveys and were followed for 20 years. It was found out that blueberries and strawberries were particularly protective.

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