Heart Disease Not Related to Consumption of Eggs

Over the years, we’ve become accustomed to the fact that eggs can cause high cholesterol and put us at risk for heart disease. However, lovers of this breakfast staple will be delighted to learn that a new study has determined that there is no link between eggs and heart disease or stroke.

The study, led by Professor Liugang Liu from Huazong University in China, has come to this conclusion after analyzing information from different studies and results from over a million participants
“Since eggs are a major source of dietary cholesterol, with one large egg containing almost 210 mg of cholesterol, the public has been recommended to limit egg consumption unless the intake of other foods high in cholesterol is restricted.” said Liu and his team. “However, eggs are also an inexpensive and low calorie source of many other nutrients, including minerals, proteins, and unsaturated fatty acids, which could lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

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