Heart Health Study Features Women

A research study will be held by researchers from the Oregon Health and Science University on Saturday and Sunday, from 8 am to 4 pm. The research study would be held at Astoria Middle School and is meant to collect data and also learn more about heart disease risk factors in women as well as prevention behaviors.

The study needs women who are aged 20 to 69 years old and who happen to be living in Clatsop County. Participation in the said study would be voluntary. What’s required is one visit to a local health fair event, and that is going to take around two hours.

The women also have the option of being seen right before the health fair if they choose to have a screening appointment that’s aside from the health fair event. Each appointment is going to take around 30 minutes and each participant is going to be compensated for the time that they gave with a gift card that’s worth $20.

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