High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Increase Risk for Heart Disease in Obese by Half

It has become common knowledge, particularly for the health conscious, that high blood pressure, levels of cholesterol and sugar heighten one’s risk for heart disease and stroke. However, for those who have any of these problems on top of being overweight or obese, the risks are higher.

Specifically, having these high levels are responsible for up to half the increased risk of heart disease and three quarters of the chance of a stroke in individuals who are have high numbers on the weighing scale. This was concluded as researchers put together the results form 97 different studies.

However, everyone should keep an eye on their heart and overall health, obese or not.
“Regardless of your weight, it’s important to keep an eye on your lifestyle and do your bit to cut your risk,” said Doireann Maddock, senior cardiac nurse at British Heart Foundation. “By stopping smoking, keeping as active as possible and maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, you can help keep your heart healthy.”