Keeping the Heart Healthy – Tips for Everyone

It is only normal to be afraid of getting a heart disease. Who would not be afraid when it is the number one killer in the United States?

A heart-healthy diet should have no less than 2.5 cups of cooked vegetables daily or 5 cups of leafy vegetables. The key to achieving this is mixing the vegetables into your daily meals so you will not be eating all the heavy stuff.

Other nutrients the heart should be fed with include:

  • Potassium balances sodium intake and the damage it causes to the body. It also helps reduce the risks of getting high blood pressure. In addition, it helps flush sodium out of the body to keep the blood vessels more pliant.
  • Phytonutrients not only protect the heart but also keep inflammation away. Aside from that, it also repair damaged cells, and help build the immune system while acting as an antioxidant.