Lunch for a Healthy Heart

You can still be healthy while at work; there are plenty of easy lunch options that could greatly benefit your heart.

Rachel Johnson, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D., Chairperson of the American Heart Association Nutrition Committee and Bickford Professor of Nutrition at the University of Vermont gives healthy tips on how to plan a workday lunch for heart health. Here’s some:

1) Wake up 15 minutes earlier to pack your lunch. There are a lot of healthy choices according to Johnson like low-fat string cheese, fresh fruits, veggie sticks, non-fat yogurt, whole-grain breakfast cereal, and low-sodium canned tuna or salmon.

2) When dining out to a restaurant for lunch, Johnson suggests watching out for sweetened beverages, high-calorie salad toppings, and unhealthy sandwiches. She recommends water or skim milk, salads with vegetables and natural dressing, and tuna or vegetarian sandwiches made with whole-wheat bread.