Maintaining a Healthy Diet for the Heart

You can still have a heart-healthy option even when dining out at your favorite restaurant, says Joy Bauer, a resident nutrition expert on the Today show. You just need to be strategic.

Here are some tips when you’re eating out:

– If a bread basket is your thing, go for a slice but promise to be heart-healthy for the rest of your meal. If you want to have a dessert later, you can skip the bread and order extra veggies.

– Restaurants are also known to be liberal when it comes to salad dressing and sauce portions. Ask for the dressing on the side and skip the cream in favor of a light marinara.

– Bauer also suggests avoiding drinking beverages that have too much sugar content as sugar increases your risk of heart disease. Try one glass of wine or a shot of liquor with club soda or fruit juice. These options are below 120 calories.

Source: Eating Out: Maintain a Heart Healthy Diet