Pregnancy Complications May Predispose Mothers to Heart Problems

Some pregnancy complications like preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, may predispose women to cardiovascular problems later in life, especially in their middle ages. Mothers with preeclampsia or high-blood pressure during pregnancy are 31 percent more likely to be at risk for heart problems than women with normal blood pressure all throughout their gestation. Women who developed diabetes in pregnancy, called gestational diabetes, were 26 percent more likely to have heart-disease risk factors, particularly abnormally high blood sugar levels.
“For women, this study suggests that if they have experienced any of the pregnancy complications [evaluated], they may consider seeking advice regarding effective interventions and lifestyle changes in order to modify their CVD [cardiovascular disease] risk,” said study leader Abigail Fraser, a research fellow at the University of Bristol School of Social and Community Medicine.
For women who have not yet experienced pregnancy, it’s best to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to prevent complications in the future.