Some Ideas for Heart-Smart Meals

In order to make sure that you keep your ticker in top shape, make heart-savvy choices during each and every meal that you have. That means keeping a few principles in mind:

By eating more plant-based foods, whole grains and veggies can boost your fiber and will keep your ticker in top shape. Also limiting saturated fats found in meat and dairy foods, and avoid trans fats from chips and other junk food will keep your heart healthy. release a meal ideas that will help your heart lower the risk from any disease.

  • Blueberry Smoothie
  • Muesli
  • Tomato-Poached Egg
  • Humus
  • Black Bean Salsa Taco
  • Sardine Spread
  • Chicken Chili
  • Turkey Burger
  • Simple Salmon
  • Garlicky Broccoli Pasta
  • Skinny Hot Cocoa

Find out every meal’s ingredients and benefits here.

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