Tips for Heart Healthy Holiday Party Eating

There’s no denying that in holiday parties and reunions, we load our plates with all the calorific, sugary, and high-cholesterol foods served at the dinner table or buffet. We forget that aside from wasting our diets and the healthy-eating efforts that we’ve tried to established the rest of the year, these holiday binging can be bad for our waistlines and hearts.

The next time you’re invited to a party, make sure to keep these tips in mind:
  • Eat using a small appetizer plate so you can keep track of how much you are eating.
  • Balance your plate with the right amount of vegetables, meat, and grains.
  • Before going back for seconds, wait for 20 minutes and drink a glass of water. You may not be hungry after all.
  • Be mindful of the serving size. Don’t be compelled to consume the entire thing. Share with a friend.
  • Ask the bartender to modify your drink’s mix to make it less sugary.